brody-moonlight-1200dir. Barry Jenkins, USA 2016.

Quite the sublime combination of cinematic technique, beautifully minimalistic writing, timely yet relatable representations, and immersive performances. Experiencing the visceral camera moves and breathtaking lighting on a big screen brings the viewer to the heart of where American cinema is going.

Shaped from Barry Jenkins and Tarell Alvin McCraney’s formative memories, rendered by DP James Laxton through a wkw/Chris Doyle-inspired lens, yet carving a wholly new soul within the diaspora of the cinematic experience, this film puts forth a striking number of character layers for us to chew on. Nicholas Britell’s delicate yet pulsating score guides us through the events and emotion of the story, setting us adrift in the possibilities of even the most constricted life within the specificity of the harshest conditions of Miami.

I look forward to revisiting this movie in the years to come. And the sheer accomplishment of Naomie Harris and Mahershala Ali filming their scenes in a handful of days with little preparation, in between their other projects, speaks to how special the material is to elicit such heart-rending work on short notice. Welcome to the future– one that better understands our shared past.


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